Fabulous Film Fridays 2011 Year End eBook is Available!

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For those of you who followed our old blogs you knew that we did a project in 2011 where we posted an image or two each week that we had taken with one of our many film cameras. Sam and I have summarized the project in a free little eBook which is the ‘best of 2011′ from our film outings. Just click on this link or the photo below to download your copy! Please be patient while the eBook loads into your browser because it’s 18MB in size (that is a lot of film grain to transfer across the web)!

Thanks again to everyone who followed along and who showed a lot of interest in film!

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I am a Canadian landscape and outdoor photographer who loves long hikes in the woods, yummy food, hairy dogs, good company and a good guitar jam.


  1. Olivier Du Tré
    January 6, 2012

    Some really good stuff in there guys!
    One of the never before seen photo’s (the 2nd one) is so awesome I keep coming back to it.

    I’m just getting back into the groove with film… doing some more photography on sat and sunday.

    • Darwin Wiggett
      January 8, 2012

      Hi Olivier,

      That shot is Sam’s and it was taken at the Cochrane Ranchehouse with the 4×5 camera using Velvia slide film.

      We’ll have to head out soon with the film cameras!

  2. Anne Jutras
    January 6, 2012

    wow! Fabulous shots to say the least! ;)

    • Darwin Wiggett
      January 8, 2012

      Thanks Anne,

      Love your new 2012 project, very exciting!


  3. Gary Paakkonen
    January 6, 2012

    Great stuff! I am heading out with my new aquisition this weekend. An old Canon AE1 and a couple rolls of Ilford B&W…

    • Darwin Wiggett
      January 8, 2012

      send us a link if you post your film stuff online.


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    January 8, 2012

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  5. Olivier Du Tré
    January 9, 2012

    You betcha!!!!
    I might have fallen in love with FP4 125asa in combo with the RB and Ilfosol 3…
    Might. Because I might give the Pan F another run for it’s money in DD-X.

    Having a lot of fun!
    Here’s one from yesterdays outing.

  6. Tom Nevesely
    January 9, 2012

    Wonderful work you guys! All of your work is impressive and beautiful. I am particularly drawn to the images of the roses on page 6, the images on pages 15 and 39, and the image of the school bus on page 65.

    Inspired by the both of you, I played around a little bit with film in 2011. In the end, it turns out that film just wasn’t for me. I simply don’t enjoy scanning or driving to the lab twice to get my film developed. That being said, I have nothing against film, it has a number of things going for it and I hope it will be around (for people that like to use it) for a while.

    • Samantha
      January 9, 2012

      I hope so too, cause I like to use it! I agree though that the process of getting into some kind of share-able mode is frustrating in this digital age.

  7. Rosaleen
    January 11, 2012

    Hi Guys
    Not sure whether my bit fits in this post but here goes! I also love the old (OLD! . ) plastic (film) cameras. And have discovered the hipstamatic app for iphone/ipad. Interchangeable lenses and films! It s great. Very much similar results as with the films (much cheaper LOL). As I havent an iPhone but iPad (newly acquiered cos I wanted the hipstamatic app!!!) I shoot with it and no one knows what I am up to! I do have a top of the range android smart phone and have been shooting with it with great results too. What fun! A whole new world ……….. Lo-ove it.

    Anyone else?

    Kiwi Greetings
    from the land of the Long White Cloud