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For those of you thinking of making your own photography eBook, Samantha and I have a full length feature article called Create Your First eBook and Publish it with Confidence in the latest issue of Outdoor Photography Canada MagazineAlso in the same issue, the topic of my regular column is Self-Awareness as a Barrier to Seeing. Grab a copy of the magazine at newsstands or better yet subscribe! Each issue is packed full of great articles by top Canadian nature photographers and there are few ads to distract from the content.

And by the way, if you want even more details on how to make your first photo eBook be sure to sign up for our talk, The Art and Craft of the Photography eBook which will be held November 3 in Cochrane, Alberta. Whether you are interested in compiling your wedding photos into a special digital album or showcasing your once-in-a-lifetime trip — or even if you plan to market and sell your eBook to a larger audience — we’ll have loads of practical advice on how to do it right. Benefit from our experiences both positive and negative on the ‘meat and potatoes’ (and even the chocolate pie!) of making an eBook. Trust us we learned the hard way the things not to do!

Speaking of eBooks and a great way to make a better one (through story), we’re really excited to head into Calgary tomorrow (July 14) for a talk featuring some of our favorite photographers and good friends Colleen Miniuk-SperryPeter CarrollRoyce Howland, and Ken Ross who are presenting a talk entitled Travel Photography: Stories Instead of Snaps. There is no better way to make a powerful eBook of your travels than through the power of story. Come and learn from the experts on how to do story well!

Also be sure to stop by The Camera Store tomorrow (Saturday July 14 from 10am to noon) to gab with Colleen and grab a copy of her excellent book, Wild in Arizona; Photographing Arizona’s Wildflowers which she will be signing for everyone. We reviewed her book here on oopoomoo and we thought it was amazing (it’s also available as an eBook (wow we have a theme going on here)!

And we’ll just leave you with a freshly pressed photo from our travels out and about. Hope to see you at the event on Saturday!

©Darwin Wiggett – The Horse Creek Road near Cochrane

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  1. Jack Johnson
    July 13, 2012

    Hey, Darwin & Sam –

    Have you considered doing an ebook about creating ebooks? ;^D

    Looks like I’d better subscribe to OP-CA!

    — Jack


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