Turning Point – Susan Cater-Pelley Discovers Upon Reflection Her Personal Style

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Susan Cater-Pelley shares with us how her Turning Point showed itself on reflection during a photography workshop:

©Susan Cater-Pelley

©Susan Cater-Pelley

Choosing a “turning point” photograph took plenty of thought. Is it the first sunrise I took that made me fall in love with photography or simply the autumn leaves reflecting in the cold fall waters? After a great amount of pondering, here is my turning point. This may seem like an odd choice for a landscape/waterscape photographer.

This is a recent shot, taken during a 12 week workshop in Montreal with N-Dimensions. The projects you are given during the workshop are used to unlock your own personal style. While at first glance this picture tells the story of a landscaped photographer turned urban, it is not the case. Upon examining this picture it brought to my attention my love of texture and reflections. I found out it was never about the leaves and trees reflecting in the water. So, has this workshop and this picture changed my style? Not in the least. In many ways it has confirmed it. I am still out there taking pictures of the land and water. What it has changed however, is the intent with which I shoot and the attention given to the details before clicking the button.

Six years ago, starting out on my photography adventure, I had one goal. I wanted to become a professional photographer and make money. This picture has taught me about my style, myself and my goals. While making a living at something you love is great, in photography as in life, it is the journey not the destination that makes the ride so spectacular. So, with my camera in hand, I will continue to explore and grow. Before you know it, I may be back here with another turning point in my photography career.

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  1. Sue
    August 1, 2013

    This was a great experience and made me think about what is important to me in photography. Thanks for the opportunity to post my story.


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