Turning Point – The Importance of Photography

Ever since Darwin started this series two months ago, I have been thinking long and hard about when my turning point was on this roller coaster of a visual arts career. I was a painter and designer who did not buy my first camera until digital was affordable. A thousand dollar 3MP camera roughly 12 years ago but it was not until late 2005 when I made the decision to take photography more serious. This was my first turning point and the moment I started dedicating every moment of available time towards becoming better.

Photography has done many things for me and has opened my eyes to much of what I use to take for granted. Looking through the eyepiece of a camera, it has never been more visible how the landscape is always changing. Without purpose, it can be super easy to ignore the every day, and I don’t know if my turning point can be pinned on any single photograph. For me, my photography turning point was the gradual realization on how important a photograph can be as a record in time.

Covehead Lighthouse in PEI National Park

©Stephen DesRoches – Covehead Lighthouse in PEI National Park.

The photograph I have decided to contribute to this series was my first published image in a landscape dedicated publication. This publication was also the results of a contest from Darwin’s original blog and our first introduction that eventually paved the way to my involvement here behind the scenes at oopoomoo.

On an additional note, while my goal of this image was to tell the story of the lighthouse, this image also came shortly before the Canadian Government discontinued their support – placing all lighthouse’s at risk of demolition by abandonment. Although I believe that this lighthouse in particular will been saved, it was a very real possibility that this coastal view could have been lost forever. Something that never occurred to me as possible on the day I made this image.

I will continue to explore the artistic side of photography but photographs are much more than just a pretty picture of something random. And although I will always have fun photographing festivals, concerts or sportings events, it has been the changing landscape and the contrast between nature and man that interests me most. Stop by and say hi on Facebook.

About the Author

I am a designer, artist and photographer living in PEI and the co-creator of the Photographer's Guide to Prince Edward Island. I have helped design this website and the many oopoomoo ebooks. Stop by and say hi on Facebook.


  1. Stu Dale
    July 17, 2013

    Your image is a wonderful reminder of the times I have visited PEI. I loved the wind swept bluffs, the grasses, the red earth and the rolling sea. I like your idea of capturing a piece of our history. I hope that the attention you draw to the lighthouse will result in it being preserved. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Sue
    July 17, 2013

    This is a fantastic picture and an even better philosophy on the need to record the land before it all changes.

  3. Jonathan larry
    July 30, 2013

    Whenever there is any occasion in the home or any wedding, then we need a photographer to capture all the moments for the occasion in order to save the memories for the future. That time, importance of the photography becomes an essential point of view.

  4. wedding photographer kent
    August 24, 2013

    Photographs are important in every one’s life. There are many reasons why it gained such importance in our life’s. This can be act as a proof that something has happened and the main reason is, it makes the memories live forever where one can remember those lovely moments again.


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