Chain Mail Chicken – Peter Pecker Arrives in Tlingit Country (A Yukon Adventure Awaits)

Heather Jones sends us this update on Peter Pecker’s arrival in the Yukon Territory (watch for more stories to come!):

Ahhhh… Peter arrived safe and sound in the Yukon! He has been enjoying the notoriously friendly folk from these parts and like so many before him, has been completely seduced by the “magic and the mystery”. And the long daylight has made it impossible for him to keep track of time as there is always another cabin to visit and a friend to make along the way. In fact he has been invited to stay for the remainder of the summer so he can take part in a unique boat trip on the southern lakes! He is the envy of many with the invite to visit Ben-My-Chree next month and then to join a group of pals as they travel the South Canol Road on another rare adventure.  Try as I might he is having no part of moving on until…well it may well be until the first frost when he realizes the inadequacy of his featherless body in this northern clime. He also, it seems, has a weakness for Yukon Brew and on more than one occasion has been seen sidling up to the fancy feathered boas worn by the gals of the can-can line…. He will have quite the story to tell, should his adventures on the road be pulled from his sometimes loose beak…..he has been quite the house guest I tell you, at least when he is able to find his way home….He was off to  Tlingit country this week and I did my best not to let  him wander off or join one of the all night Stick Gambling teams. He was particularly vulnerable when the grouse dance took to the stage.  When I am able to keep up with him, I am doing my best to document his wild time here in the Yukon.  Seems he has needed to let his feathers down (bahahahaha!) after the time “at the farm” in Ontario, but he isn’t talking much about that….but I do occasionally hear some night time clucking and stammering about someone losing their head in his presence? In the mean-time he is doing a fine job of burying this trauma during his waking hours here in the Yukon. Gotta love the midnight sun and the endless adventure that comes with it, keeping us far from our night time fears…the ones that  find their roots in Ontario anyway. Just sayin’….

©Heather Jones - Peter Pecker in Tlingit Country

©Heather Jones – Peter Pecker in Tlingit Country

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  1. Jane Chesebrough
    August 7, 2013

    Priceless! One of the precious gifts of the people of the First nations – their humour.


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