IRIS Photographic Society of Alberta – Old Cars and Copyright Fundraiser

Join Samantha, Peter Carroll, Ian McGillvrey and myself as we teach you about the finer points of asking permission and getting a property release from car owners at the Cochrane Classic Car Club Show and Shine this September 15.  The video below shows you what not to do and has a few tips on how to properly approach a car owner for permission to photograph. We have pre-negotiated a few owners to sign releases for participants who sign up (we have made the process a little less scary for first time street photographers). As well, we discuss in detail issues of copyright, model and property releases before we head to the streets. And finally we’ll give your images a detailed critique at the public showing of participant’s favorite photos. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes photographers make when taking pictures of public events, and learn what your rights are as a photographer when it comes to your images. If you enjoy taking and sharing pictures of parades, rodeos or other public events, the skills taught during this unique workshop are not to be missed!

To top it off, this great event is a fundraiser to support the IRIS Photographic Society of Alberta! So come out and have some fun and learn the ins and outs of street photography. For more information about the event please check out this link!

Thanks to Dave Lovell of Gone Wild Kennels for his great job as the car owner in the video!

And thanks to our local sponsors, Legacy Guitar and Coffee House and the Nan Boothby Public Library — you make learning opportunities like this one possible!

About the Author

I am a Canadian landscape and outdoor photographer who loves long hikes in the woods, yummy food, hairy dogs, good company and a good guitar jam.


  1. Jane Chesebrough
    September 5, 2013

    You teach with humour so well. I was laughing with this one.

  2. Kirill
    September 16, 2013

    Thank you Sam and Darwin. It was a wonderful seminar and a very exciting experience! Good job for organizing it guys. Thank you a lot! A special thanks to Peter who taught me how to progress from a “wow” factor.


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