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Here at oopoomoo our tagline is Create, Inspire and Educate. Our inspirations blog category is where we feature work from other photographers that we think fits all three of our tagline verbs perfectly. The Garden and Brook project from Deborah Ehrens is one such project. Deborah explains more about her project:

Last fall I noticed for the first time the remarkable similarity of line and shape of hosta leaves in my garden and the ripple geometry of one of my favorite brooks.  It inspired me to bring the two together – and watch how the water and leaves interacted with one another. It required lots of experimenting with ways to hold plant material in moving water, new levels of photoshop to bring out the magic I saw, and some near misses disasters when rambunctious dogs nearly knocked my tripod into the brook…  But the rewards were pretty wonderful:

©Deborah Ehrens

©Deborah Ehrens

©Deborah Ehrens

©Deborah Ehrens

©Deborah Ehrens

©Deborah Ehrens

To read more about Deborah’s project be sure to check out her project page which includes a lovely video with more images.

If you have an inspiring project or series of photos or body or original creative work you want us to consider for Inspirations send us your photos (700 pixels in the long dimension) and a write up plus your website.

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  1. Jay Gould
    July 14, 2014


    Definitely inspirational. Having limited energy due to a pulmonary condition I am always looking for interesting subjects that don’t require strenuous hiking or only golden hour shooting. Thank you.

    • Samantha Chrysanthou
      July 15, 2014

      It’s true that some of the most exquisite details are so close to hand that we overlook them everyday. With your travel lifestyle, Jay, you must see little details fresh almost everyday!

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