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As a photographer, have you ever visited a destination and afterwards wished that someone would have told you about all the cool places you could have went to but did not know about? I remember going to the Maritime Provinces back in 1996 when I was shooting for my book Darwin Wiggett Photographs Canada. I spent more time driving around scouting than I did shooting. Sure, I did research in advance from various sources to find ‘must-do’ areas but many of the resources were based on tourist travel and not photography. If only there was a guide book for photographers to help distill things down to visually interesting locations and advice of time of year and day to visit each location.

©Darwin Wiggett - National Parks are easy to find but what abut those lesser know spots that are not in tourist guidebooks?

©Darwin Wiggett – National Parks are easy to find but what about those lesser known spots that are not in tourist guidebooks?

Fortunately with the rise of the internet there has been a plethora of location information, but often you have to visit numerous sources to piece together something cohesive. And sometimes the sources of information are dated or of questionable veracity. We know of a few photographers who are putting out quality location guides to various national parks, provinces and states (us included) but we have also seen some really, really bad location guides.

When we heard that oopoomoo designer and contributor, Stephen DesRoches was teaming up with stock and assignment photographer John Sylvester to make a photography guide to Prince Edward Island we had high expectations of great images and awesome information. And after having been to PEI twice and seeing the information in this eBook, I’ll hand it to these two PEI residents – they have come up with a jam-packed eBook full of useful information and inspiring images.


The guide is simple to use with easy directions, GPS coordinates and suggestions on when to go and hints on making stronger images. Each image has complete camera data captions which many photographers find helpful in learning technique.



The only thing I think is missing from the guide is knowing who took which pictures. Stephen wrote the forward and John the rest of the eBook but both photographers contributed images. Who took which image I have no idea. I wish in the image captions they would at least put the initials of the photographer who took the image. I guess in the end it does not matter because every image is strong and the images tug at my wanderlust and make me want to go back and see all those locations I missed when I went to PEI on my own. Thanks to Stephen and John for an inspiring eBook full of useful information – all for a low, low price of $10! You can download your copy here.


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I am a Canadian landscape and outdoor photographer who loves long hikes in the woods, yummy food, hairy dogs, good company and a good guitar jam.


  1. Lauren Smith
    November 19, 2014

    I have been fascinated with Prince Edward Island since I was introduced to the movie “Anne of Green Gables.” This book looks amazing. I have added it to the top of my Christmas list. Nature and photography are topics that I am passionate about. I love the book, “Reclaiming the Wild Soul,” by author Mary Reynolds Thompson. http://maryreynoldsthompson.com/. This book is an antidote the world of high-tech, high-stress and hyper-rationality. It invites us to reclaim our wild souls and our place in the great community of rivers, forests, peaks, and pastures.

    • Ashley Kaia
      November 20, 2014

      It looks totally amazing Lauren :-). I had forgotten about that wonderful film! I will check out Mary’s book as well – looks wonderful and inspiring.

  2. Lauren Smith
    November 29, 2014

    You will love it! It’s truly inspiring!


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