Growing Creatively Through Small Mentored Projects

In our last blog post, Samantha talked about recent ‘mini-mentorship’ projects that we gave each other. Sam’s project was about personalized tree portraits, mine was about discovering artful design in nature and capturing that design in-camera. For me, the mentorship was incredibly valuable because it helped me recognize and articulate where I was and where I wanted to go as an artist. Once that was clear, the world opened up to infinite possible further project ideas. One of the main reasons that many photographers get in a visual rut and are not inspired is because they simply do not know who they are creatively. Knowing what your inner voice wants to say frees you from external constraints that hold you back.

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As a mentor I learned to see the biases and expectations and self-doubt on the part of the mentee. Making assignments that addressed these issues  forced the mentee to face the roadblocks to her creativity. Through teaching another you learn just as much about yourself and your own creative roadblocks. For both of us we emerged from the small mentored project with stronger artistic voices and renewed creative drive. Plus, we liked the results of our fun little projects! And now we just want to do more, both as mentors and as mentored artists.

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  1. Wayne
    June 17, 2016

    Hi Darwin,

    Thanks for the inspirational idea. I am just finishing a year long project and am considering ideas for my next one. But first it is time for some fun and let the restless creative in me out to play.

    In the third image down in this post, the one with Assignment #4 at the top followed by some images down the right hand side of the page under other artists that I find interesting. Would you mind sharing who that/those photographers are…the work is talking to me and I would like to see more of it?


    Wayne Elliott

    • Darwin Wiggett
      June 18, 2016

      Wassily Kandinsky, Christian Marclay, Nicola Harvey, Kimberly Conrad and Michel Keck are the artists on that page.

  2. Wayne
    June 18, 2016

    Thanks Darwin…have a good one.


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