Announcing…The League of Landscape Photographers!

We’re excited to share with you something we’ve been working on for awhile now. Introducing the League of Landscape Photographers! It’s a new community of like-minded photographers drawn together by similar interests, beliefs and values such as:

  • the belief that photography is an art form not a craft, and that photographers are artists and not mere technicians
  • a passion for the workings and integrity of the natural world which is expressed not only through artful, mindful photography projects, but also adherence to a personal code of ethics
  • the belief that photography should be valued at the same level as other arts when it achieves high quality expression – photographers should be paid for their work

It’s too easy to look around the world and only see destruction and displacement. It’s much harder to focus on all the positive efforts that are being made to counter and contain some of the huge problems of the day. It’s too easy to engage in trophy travel in pursuit of social media ‘likes’. It’s much harder to turn your lens toward capturing changes happening in your own backyard. And it’s too easy to throw up your hands, shrug helplessly, and declare nothing will ever change when photographers, especially landscape and nature photographers are out there on the land, cameras in hand…making a difference with their art!

What the League is Not

The League of Landscape Photographers is a bit different from other groups.

The League is not a charity, society or non-profit but a grassroots, self-identified, loose collection of people who have posted their own code of ethics or value statement about how they conduct themselves. To join, you post to the world your own code of ethics and a statement that you are a member of the League of Landscape Photographers. That’s it. There’s no gate-keeping based on your level of photography skills. There is no one collecting fees from you to join. You are a League member when you act like a League member.

The League is not a conservation group. Political agendas of all stripes have pushed public discourse into simplistic, zero-sum debates. The world is not black and white – it’s full of colour. Similarly, while League photographers may engage with environmental issues, they do so to challenge attitudes and push assumptions not provide either/or documentaries or knee-jerk reactions. The League of Landscape Photographers is a group of artists who use their art as a window into their personal landscape.

The League is not a calendar publishing company. One thing landscape and nature shooters have done well is bring to us stunning photos of the most glorious, enchanting and pure places on earth. The internet is crammed full of beautiful images with scenes apparently untouched by man. It’s gotten to the point where such images are almost dismissed, and the pursuit is on for the next best ‘wow’ image. But how helpful is this parade? League of Landscape Photographers dig deeper by directly addressing how humanity intersects and connects with the landscape. Instead of sanitized scenes devoid of reality, League members open their hearts to the realities in their communities and share with the world what their eyes are seeing.

It’s a Movement

We believe photographers, and especially nature and landscape photographers, are uniquely placed as artists to add thoughtful dialogue about contemporary woes. But they need a reputable platform for their work. Enter Part II of this announcement…we will be crowdfunding this spring to publish a high quality, art magazine featuring photography portfolios and projects of League members. This is it! This is the Big One for League members! Simply called League, this annual will be the vehicle of expression for many aspiring artists who have something to say about the world with their photography.

League magazine cover

A potential cover…

Learn More

  • Visit the League of Landscape Photographer’s website to learn more about the League, League magazine and for ideas on creating your own code of ethics.
  • Post your code of ethics and join the League! Then get involved in the community by joining the League Facebook group or sharing on Instagram.
  • Attend one of the upcoming events to help fundraise for League – or organize your own and donate to the campaign.
  • Tell your friends! While not everyone is a photographer, we all love art. Be a patron of the arts by donating to the campaign. You can read more about the cost of publishing a magazine here. Join the League Newsletter for news and announcements – like the date sales open for League! Only a limited number of copies will be printed of the inaugural issue…make sure you get yours.

The League logo



About the Author

Photographing the incredible beauty of natural things, filming quirky videos, trying new foods with unpronounceable names, curling up with a good book, sharing ideas on how to live lighter on the Earth...these are a few of my favourite things!


  1. Luc Lemieux
    March 9, 2017

    What’s wonderful idea!! This is such a brilliant idea for a landscape landscape​ photography project!! Count me in. 🙂

    • Darwin Wiggett
      March 9, 2017

      So glad you love the idea Luc and we are thrilled to have you part of the movement!

  2. Chris G
    March 9, 2017

    People….. Please don’t forget to link to your code of ethics on your website and any social media profiles in order to be accepted into the group. You have the opportunity to do this upon requesting to join. Thanks!

  3. Connie Quinton
    March 9, 2017

    I like what you have put together here. I totally agree with what you have here but I haven’t been photographing a lot because of time which I am not happy with. I feel I don’t have much to offer. I also do not have a website so where would one put the long code of ethics? I guess I sound confused, I am. I would love to join you on these events you have planned. too.

    • Darwin Wiggett
      March 10, 2017

      Hi Connie, everyone has great stuff to offer and we know that you do! You do not need a website to post your code of ethics. If you use Facebook post your personal code in the about you section in FB o just drop us a line stating your ethical code or just adopt our code and you can be in the League. Actions make you a League member not whether you have a website, a following, or if you are pro or amateur.

  4. Christine Bertschy
    March 10, 2017


  5. Lawrence Sauter
    March 10, 2017

    Darwin and Samantha:

    Have been reading this, a bit at a time. Really love the idea. Just trying to figure out where all I fit in. Not really looking for answers, just mulling it all in my head.

    Cheers, Lawrence

  6. Su Buehler
    March 11, 2017

    This is absolutely wonderful! I will check into it further, as I would love to join. What if we first post your code of ethics, but then want to add a personal piece later? Would we need to submit that first before changing it? TIA!

    • Darwin Wiggett
      March 15, 2017

      You can post our code if that is easy for you or you can make up your own code… all you need is something to say what you stand for and you are in the Laague!

  7. darrel giesbrecht
    March 12, 2017

    sounds fun you guys! I’m with Lawrence on this though I want to stay in touch, am not much of a groupy person but have firm ideas similar to what you are saying about photographing in “backyard” etc (counter cultural as it were), having been an “Eliot Porter guy” for many years. Will keep in touch!………Darrel

  8. Drake Dyck
    March 13, 2017

    What a great concept for both the organization and publication as well as to encourage others to practice ethical photography. I have already posted a code of ethics on my website and other social media pages and am looking forward to joining the League.

  9. Russ Bishop
    March 14, 2017

    Could not agree more with your statement of values, Darwin!

    The natural world needs all the help it can get these days. As landscape photographers we’re uniquely positioned to inform and motivate the public not only about conservation, but also the value of photography as art. Count me in!

    Cheers, Russ


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