Picking up where Resolve: Discover Your Creative Self, left off, our eCourse, 7/365: The Mentored Photo Project builds on the process of self-discovery by bringing to light a photo project you’ve always wanted to do. Being able to conceive of, plan and execute a small project engages many different creative skills and is a rewarding way to transform your ideas into a guided, published reality. The course takes a week to complete and is a combination of daily online mentorship and self-directed shooting. Your mentors, Darwin and Sam, will be on hand to coach you at all times but personally in touch (in-person, skype or phone) at three critical junctures:

  • at the start, when you conceive of and refine your small photo project idea
  • mid-way, ensuring things are still on track with your project goals, and
  • at the end, when a joint evaluation with your mentors provides feedback and illuminates future opportunities for your creative growth.

At the end of your completed project, Darwin and Sam will provide you with a portfolio review of up to 20 images from your project. If your project is of interest to oopoomoo audiences, they will respectfully request to publish a summary of your project on the oopoomoo blog.

Sam Project

Professional Development

7/365: The Mentored Photo Project is for photographers interested not only in honing their technical and creative skills but also those skills artists need to develop to survive in the ‘real’ world. These skills include, among others:

  • the clear-thinking that is needed to choose and refine project ideas
  • planning time and resource-sourcing to do the project
  • understanding the concept of stamina and see-through
  • how to set concrete goals and develop a way of measuring results against them
  • learning about the creative industry, how to price your work and navigating contractual rights

What is a week of your creative life worth to you? Space is limited so register now and bring your creative ideas to light! Former Resolve students are encouraged to take this next logical step in their education – catch the Early Bird rate and save almost 40%!

At a Glance

What: A one week, guided photo project on the topic of your choice. We provide daily online materials and mentor you through the process of creating a small, finished photo project culminating in a published portfolio review of your project.

When: November 19-25, 2017.

Who: Any skill level (a basic understanding of camera controls will help you better express your ideas). Limit of 4 students per session!

Cost:  Register before October 31 and save almost 40%! $495.00 + tax before October 31, $795.00 + tax after October 31.

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November 19-25, 2017

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What exactly is a ‘small photo project’?

The scope and difficulty of your project will depend on your idea but we recommend that you chose a theme or topic that fascinates you, a location or subject matter to which you have quick and open access and a project that doesn’t require lots of editing time on the computer (unless that’s your passion!). For example, some photographers have photographed a small, local pond at different times of day over the course of a week, some have studied the changing sky or weather, some have chosen to do urban abstracts and some have explored camera technique with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), or creative zooming. The point is to do something that interests you that is accomplishable in a week – we are not aiming for the visual equivalent of War and Peace here.

How many images will I need to complete to have a portfolio review?

The number of images will range. It will be enough that you have explored your small project thoroughly but you likely won’t have much time to overshoot the project. We are trying to avoid the ‘buckshot’ approach; we want you to spend your time wisely when in the field rather than shoot mindlessly. Time is a precious resource and the photographer works with real events in real time. Part of the mentorship will be to set an estimated number of images needed to complete the project and then curate that collection at the end of the week.

How much time could I expect to budget to do 7/365: The Mentored Photo Project?

The answer to this question is going to depend a lot on you and the project you select. One of the skills we’ll be targeting with this course is how to evaluate time commitments – both those you already have and those the project will demand. What is a realistic amount of time you could give to the project? In what ways can you be more efficient with your time to give more to your project? What support and resources do you have to make the project possible? Since time is short, we will advise students to keep projects small and manageable. Expect to spend one to two hours a day each day to get the most out of the course.

Can you give me a better idea of how the mentorship works. What kind of topics will we cover?

7/365: The Mentored Photo Project kicks off with a ‘getting to know you’ interview before your shooting week begins. If possible, this will take place in person but skype or a phone call will also work depending on your location and needs. You will have a Welcome & Goal Setting pdf that prepares you for the interview including how to come up with a project idea, what is a ‘good’ project idea and how to set measurable goals for your week-long project. We’ll discuss this document with you in our initial interview and make sure the week gets off to a wonderful start.

During the seven days of the eCourse, you will receive daily inspiring content to motivate you to continue and check your progress. In addition, we’ll be available by email or quick phone chat to provide tailored resources or comments if needed. You’re not in this alone!

Finally, at the conclusion of the seven days, we’ll have a final interview either in-person or via skype or phone. Did your project meet its goals? What did you learn about your subject matter, yourself and your photo skills? We’ll go over your project results and help curate a collection of 10-20 images for the portfolio review which we will endeavour to provide to you within one week of completion of the course.

Who would you recommend take this course?

We will be investing significant time into our students in the week-long course. We will be searching for students keen to see their photo project idea come to light. Our ideal student to mentor will be:

  • passionate about his or her idea
  • willing to work hard during the week within time limits agreed upon at the outset of the week
  • open to constructive feedback and eager to take the most from the experience
  • committed to making his or her photo project a priority (it’s just one week of your life, after all)
  • able to demonstrate some original imagery or fresh-thinking in his or her work.

Should I keep my project secret or is there an advantage to sharing it as I go?

What is your personality? Do you thrive with encouragement from friends and family? Does your social media network support you and provide you with helpful feedback? Or do you prefer to concentrate on the task at hand and only share when you’ve finished something? Either way works; if you enjoy describing your journey as it happens, then post to your networks as you go. Certainly a powerful component in our workshops and the Resolve eCourse is the feedback students receive from colleagues in the ‘real’ or virtual classroom. The oopoomoo Creatives Facebook group is a positive environment for testing ideas and obtaining constructive feedback on your work; we encourage you to post there as you go if that appeals to you.

What happens if I can’t finish my project?

We get it; life happens. It happens to all of us. That is why one aspect of this unique course is to help you deal with everyday realities just like professional artists do. Not completing a project is actually a gold mine of learning which we will explore together with you at the end of the week. Why were you unable to complete the project? Was the project unclear, too broad in scope, or did it change mid-way through? Were there other ways you could have structured your time? What did you learn about your motivations and aspirations? What did you learn about your home environment – was there support? While you may not have a portfolio review to take away, the lessons to be learned are worth the tuition.

Can I use the portfolio review to make my own publication?

The portfolio review is an educational product that we put together for you for your learning. While it does contain your images, it is nevertheless a document created by oopoomoo.com. We provide the portfolio review to you for your personal, not commercial use. You are, as always, free to create your own products with your own images – indeed we encourage you to do so and hope you will gain the confidence and understanding from this course to explore these ideas.