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Mastering Composition and Visual Design: Composition Basics

There are many steps in learning how to create a great photograph.  Although photographs seem to just capture a ‘moment in time’, they aren’t mere accidents!  Talented photographers spend a great deal of time perfecting not only the technical aspects of their craft (like mastering exposure or learning their way around their cameras) but also in studying the elements that comprise a photograph. But what are these elements? Commonly called composition, the arrangement of the graphic elements that make up an image are the basic tools that photographers use to communicate an idea or story in their photograph. Composition Basics is a comprehensive look at these basic visual elements. Composing an image can be a confusing and frustrating experience: we simplify this complicated subject by showing how the visual elements are related to each other and teaching you how to ‘see’ them in the field. By starting with the basic building blocks of any composition, you’ll soon start to see these elements when photographing, allowing you to recognize the creative potential in a scene, fix errors on the fly and more strongly and clearly communicate with your images.

Photography is our attempt to tell three-dimensional stories within the limitations of a two-dimensional medium. Our tools are tone, colour, line, shape, texture, pattern and perspective. We finesse our images with balance, tension and an understanding of visual weight; our language is composition.

Contents include:

  • before you start: the foundation
  • understanding that story is the key to any great image
  • the primary and secondary elements of visual design
  • the power of tone and tonal contrast for energy in your photo
  • tone and tonal contrast direct where we look
  • the psychological effects of colour
  • overview of secondary visual elements including line, shape, texture, pattern and perspective
  • understanding how visual elements relate to each other
  • implied connections and continuation
  • understanding the importance of visual weight in an image
  • working with balance and tension
  • creating simple visual maps to critique your own photos
  • three big (but easy to fix!) compositional killers
  • constructing a photograph from the ground up: four scenarios

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  • Composition eBook
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