Learning to See eBook

Mastering Composition and Visual Design Workbook: Learning to See

Photographers are masters of timing. But how do we recognize the photographic potential of one split second out of the thousands that flow by us every day? The ability to spot a moment and visualize an image before it passes is one of the foundational skills of a talented shooter. We’re all born creative, but somehow this way of ‘fresh thinking’ gets driven out of us as we grow up. Yet at the heart of every image is connection: we see the potential in a moment of time, and we use our cameras to harvest a copy of that moment to share what we saw. The Learning to See Workbook is about breaking down the barriers in the way of true creative expression. By bringing ourselves into the present physical reality, and being in touch with our inner motivations and interests, we cultivate a state of relaxed attention and begin to ‘see’ the rich photographic potential around us. Learning to ‘see’ is the most important skill a photographer can develop. Through an insightful, guided exploration of how photographers conceive the world and structured, fun assignments, this eBook teaches you to how to ‘see’ like a creative photographer.

Contents include:

  • the importance of being aware of your inner motivations
  • how to make your images unique and connect with viewers
  • how to convey emotion in your images
  • how photography is different from other art forms
  • unlocking your inherent creative potential
  • the difference between ‘looking’ and ‘seeing’
  • the three barriers to seeing (and how to beat them), including: inability to focus due to excessive sensory input, lack of awareness of our motivations and preoccupation with self
  • a quiz – on YOU!
  • building a quiet mind through discipline
  • the importance of practice
  • the importance of play
  • tips and techniques for ‘seeing’ in the field
  • clear examples illustrating concepts
  • PLUS! Eight detailed self-assignments designed to get you working with key concepts!

Sample Pages:

  • Learning to See eBook
  • Learning to See eBook
  • Learning to See eBook
  • Learning to See eBook
  • Learning to See eBook

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