Dog Photography eBook

Easy Outdoor Dog Photography

A successful dog photographer is one part knowledgeable shooter, one part behaviourist, and ALL animal lover! Anyone interested in this ebook likely has the animal lover part down pat!

But what is often more challenging is understanding how to make photography a fun game for your pooch. This eBook tackles that tough intersection of competence with the camera and confidence in understanding a dog’s behaviour so that you and Rover both have a fun and productive photo shoot. Darwin and Samantha give you the guidelines you need to get your subjects ‘paws’itively performing for the camera! In addition, you’ll learn the essential techniques to master behind the lens to pull off great photos no matter what breed of dog you are photographing or what outdoor lighting situation you find yourself in. Anyone who has struggled to make exciting photos of dogs will benefit from this eBook.

Contents include:

  • a note on photography gear
  • tips on becoming a ‘dog whisperer’
  • approaching and meeting your subject
  • winning over the paparazzi –shy dog
  • tips and techniques for photographing dark-coloured dogs
  • tips and techniques for photographing light-coloured dogs
  • tips and techniques for photographing mixed-tone dogs
  • light direction, quality and temperature and its effect on your photos
  • basic compositional tips
  • tips and techniques for exciting action portraits
  • focus concerns
  • developing story in your photos
  • using point-of-view for more exciting story and composition
  • the ‘blind’ shooting technique for unique looking photos
  • troubleshooting guide

Sample Pages:

  • dog-06
  • dog-05
  • dog-04
  • dog-03
  • dog-02

eBook Details:

  • Cost : $10.00
  • Author: Darwin Wiggett & Samantha Chrysanthou
  • Pages: 36
  • Images: 63
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 4.4 MB

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