Aperture eBook

Photography Fundamentals : The Creative Use of Aperture

Of the three camera controls that create exposure (aperture, shutter speed and ISO), arguably aperture is the one that has the greatest impact on the ‘look’ of a photo. Aperture choice is your go-to control of choice if you want to alter the mood of a picture. From dreamy, thin slices of focus to meticulous detail, aperture is your first setting to think about.  The creative photographer also uses aperture to direct the viewer’s gaze in a photo. In short, to be a creative photographer, you need to fully understand this powerful control.

But aperture effects aren’t the easiest concept to grasp. If you have ever struggled with understanding aperture, let Samantha and Darwin make it easy for you. Many photographers have had ‘aha’ moments from Sam and Darwin’s  unique way of explaining aperture. Put aperture in your creative tool kit to build strong, well-crafted imagery!

Contents include:

  • how aperture works
  • why aperture is so important for creative photography
  • 3 simple recipes for understanding aperture
  • aperture effects for small slices of focus
  • how to get super thin slices of focus
  • aperture effects relative to camera sensor size
  • what those weird aperture numbers really mean
  • making cleaner compositions with thin slices of focus
  • a simple explanation of depth of field
  • using the depth of field preview button
  • the benefits of live view for previewing aperture effects
  • creating big slices of focus using depth of field
  • focus considerations with aperture
  • hyper focal distance in the real world
  • resolution and diffraction with aperture choice
  • how to handle multiple subject planes and depth of field
  • depth of field with intimate subjects and close-up photography
  • when aperture doesn’t matter (but it still does)

Sample Pages:

  • aperture-02
  • aperture-03
  • aperture-04
  • aperture-05
  • aperture-06

eBook Details:

  • Cost : $10.00
  • Author: Darwin Wiggett & Samantha Chrysanthou
  • Pages: 44
  • Images: 75
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size:  6.6 MB

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