Kootenay Plains & Abraham Lake eBook

Guide to Kootenay Plains & Abraham Lake Winter Edition

The Kootenay Plains is one of the least developed areas in the Canadian Rockies, and it deserves special recognition and protection. This Special Places eBook by Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou highlights both the photographic destinations as well as outline some of the threats to this undeveloped area of the Alberta Rockies. Come and learn why this is our favorite spot in the Canadian Rockies!

The Kootenay Plains and Abraham Lake Winter Edition is the first in our series of Special Places eBooks. These books are intended to introduce photographers to lesser known places of incredible natural beauty that are under threat either through lack of protection or mismanagement. The Kootenay Plains is one of the last undeveloped areas in the Canadian Rockies and it deserves special recognition and protection. Come and explore this secret spot and learn why it is our favorite destination in the Canadian Rockies! Once you’ve experienced this special and spiritual area we hope you will lend your voice to preserving its natural integrity.

This eBook concentrates on the winter season (November through March) in the Kootenay Plains. Whether you are interested in the the fantastic ice formations along windswept Abraham Lake or you want to portray the wide valleys and deep canyons in winter light, this eBook will guide you to all the most photogenic locations in the areas. The images in this book represent our explorations to the area over an eight year period.

Please note winter conditions in the area can be unpredictable and dangerous! If you are not familiar with how to dress for the weather, deal with emergencies in remote areas and read changing ice conditions, you should hire a guide or educate yourself before visiting the region. This eBook is only a photographic guide; your safety is your responsibility.

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eBook Details:

  • Cost : $10.00
  • Author: Darwin Wiggett & Samantha Chrysanthou
  • Pages: 199 (100 spreads)
  • Images: 130
  • Locations: 32
  • Information Sidebars: 8
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size:  28.9 MB

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