Resolve: Discover Your Creative Self

The Online Photography Course

©Samantha Chrysanthou

©Samantha Chrysanthou


Next session in January 2019 (sign-ups will be live in fall of 2018 – sign up for the oopoomoo newsletter to be informed of release dates).


The comfort of your home through daily email-delivered content. You will need one to two hours per day during the scheduled eCourse to complete the readings, exercises, and assignments. The photography assignments can be done anywhere from the comfort of your home, a local park, at your lunch break at work… anywhere there there is light or you can turn on a light! Some of your assignments will be submitted to us for review, some to peers in the group and some are self-assessed.


Any photographers seeking to kick-start their creative discovery! Anyone willing to invest at least 7 – 12 hours over one week to be a more creative photographer.


$150 plus applicable taxes ($95 early bird registration).

Sorry, no refunds for student cancellations of the Resolve Photography eCourse.

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett


It’s the New Year, and time to invest in your photography. Most of us invest fistfuls of money on gear and travel but miss out on the most important aspect of photography…discovering who you are as a creative artist! Unlock the mystery of your creative personality with this unique, self-directed eCourse and reveal what makes your creative clock tick. Loaded with inspirational quotes and photos, we go a step further and include stories from mentored students who have been in the learning trenches before you. We also share some of our own personal discoveries after years of walking the creative path. Expect to spend one to two hours each day working through the recommended reading exercises and directed photographic assignments. The assignments are challenging and revealing – you’ll learn more about yourself, your photographic likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses – and emerge at the end creatively stronger than before. Get the feedback of your peers by sharing your work in the oopoomoo Creatives Facebook group or complete the course privately in the comfort of your own home. Resolve to discover your creative vision this year!

Course includes:

  • challenging assignments designed to increase your understanding of your own creative motivations
  • daily inspirational quotes
  • thoughtful, fun and inspiring photography*
  • insights from past mentored students
  • honest ‘tales from the field’ from your instructors
  • extras for further education such as suggested readings, blog posts and video
  • over 60 pages of unique and inspiring content
  • the opportunity to share your discoveries on the oopoomoo Creatives Facebook group to track your personal growth!
  • support and feedback from your instructors
  • you’ll need one to two hours each day to complete this course (on your own time table)

*Please note one of the days includes tasteful images of nudes in the landscape. You are not required to do nude photography in this course 😉

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Samantha Chrysanthou

©Samantha Chrysanthou

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