29 November

Getting Published and the Power of Print

We’re excited to see more and more photographers are considering printing their work or are still keen on submitting to print publications. As a business with educational offerings in both digital and tangible worlds, we appreciate both; online and in-person experiences each have their strengths. But as recent publishers of League magazine, our boutique print showcase of artful (and ethically captured) photography, we have a soft spot for the way print can bring images to life.

©Samantha Chrysanthou

Perhaps this is because a fine print – or fine printing – has its own way of interacting with light. Choice of paper, process and inks all combine in this magical alchemy to interact with ambient light to create a thing that almost seems to have a presence… view a piece of actual art on a wall and compare that experience to flipping through a catalogue of reproductions and you will know what I mean. With photography, a print is that art on the wall. Print is the photographer’s expression made real in a controlled, deliberately physical sense. That careful selection of materials, like paper and ink, influence the outcome in a way no digital monitor can.

Not all magazines geek out on paper and ink like we do with League. This is understandable since the cost of materials has an impact on subscription price. Yet variety is the spice of life, which is probably why limited edition publishing of niche magazines is enjoying a little resurgence right now.

Regardless of what magazine you submit to, there are some common steps in the process that can help you advance your work before the editors. Based on our experience publishing the first issue of League, we’ve created a free mini guide, How to Be Published, for those photographers seeking to have their work showcased in print. This little booklet (digital, by the way) is helpful for submissions to any magazine. We hope to see your submissions, either to League, or in some of our other favourite print magazines, down the road.

29 October

Get Published! Learn how to make your own eBooks and work for magazines

We are thrilled to bring you two exciting seminars this November on how to get your work published. The first seminar is on the Art and Craft of the Photography eBook on November 3 in Cochrane, Alberta. Samantha and I will present a detailed talk on the art and craft of making your own photography eBook. Whether you are interested in compiling your wedding photos into a special digital album or showcasing your once-in-a-lifetime trip — or even if you plan to market and sell your eBook to a larger audience — we have loads of practical advice on how to do it right. Benefit from our experiences both positive and negative on the ‘meat and potatoes’ (and even the chocolate pie!) of making an eBook. To register click here.

©oopoomoo – Page 9 of our Aperture eBook

Have you ever wanted to have your photos published in magazines? Or have you dreamed of getting assignment work with prestigious publications? If so, have we got a talk for you! We are proud to be bringing you photographer and former photo editor Patrick Kane to Cochrane for an informative talk entitled: Get Published! Insider Secrets to Shooting for and Working with Magazines. Pat will walk you through:

  • the production cycle of a typical magazine revealing how stories are developed
  • what photo editors look for in telling those stories
  • where photo editors find images
  • why some images get chosen over others
  • how to pitch your work to editors, and
  • how to get your portfolio noticed (and published!) in such fast-paced and competitive market.

Whether you’re looking to sell images or pitch feature photo essays to the top magazines on the newsstand, Pat will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the industry and offer advice, tips and tricks to help get your photography on the printed page. Be sure to visit Pat’s webpageblog, and Facebook page to see the breadth of this talented photographer’s work! To register click here!

©Patrick Kane