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The oopoomoo Mentorship Program – Mastering the Creative Potential of the Tilt Shift Lens!


Sunday, June 18, 2017 – 1 to 4 pm


Cochrane, Alberta


Photographers interested in mastering the tilt shift lens (any brand) to enhance their creative vision. Maximum 4 participants.


$195 per person which includes a copy of our acclaimed eBook The Tilt-Shift Lens Advantage for Outdoor and Nature Photography.


Sunday, June 18, 2017 – 1 to 4 pm
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For us, no other other tool in the camera bag offers as many technical and creative advantages than the tilt-shift lens. With a tilt-shift lens you can correct keystoning in-camera, make seamless horizontal and vertical panoramas, create giant, megapixel monster images, alter the plane of focus for incredible apparent sharpness independent of aperture, and manufacture dreamy, blurred and miniaturized-looking images.  And, best of all, every one of these techniques is created in-camera with nary a pixel altered by less capable software substitutes! If you think that’s amazing, hold on to your hat – we haven’t even mentioned the mega-sized super powers of tilt and shift in combination! The possibilities are almost endless. In the hands of an artist, a tilt-shift lens is a superhero paintbrush! To create art you still must master the brush, but once you do, your creativity will be unleashed and your photography will never be the same ho-hum.

Why is investment in a small-group mentorship of the tilt-shift lens necessary? Repeatedly photographers fall in love with the power of this lens but underestimate how tricky these special lenses are to use. Many people give up on them too soon. And that’s a shame! Understanding these lenses is not hard – when you make the choice to invest in a little quality learning.

This program offers two hours of field mentorship,  plus one hour of software processing and instruction.

Skills developed:

  • learn the most effective way to use live view with tilt-shift lenses
  • workflow for perspective control
  • workflow for horizontal panoramic photos
  • workflow for vertical panoramic photos
  • workflow for megapixel monster images
  • learn how to overcome the dark side of shifting
  • workflow for using tilt to match the plane of focus with the subject plane
  • workflow for dealing with multiple subject planes and the use of aperture with tilt
  • shortcuts for matching focus and subject planes quickly
  • workflow for tilting for miniaturization
  • using tilt and shift together for the ultimate in creative control
  • workflow for tilt for sharpness, shift for panorama
  • workflow for shift for perspective, tilt for sharpness
  • workflow for shift for perspective, shift for vertical panorama and tilt for sharpness
  • discussion of pros and cons of various focal lengths of tilt-shift lenses
  • software processing of tilt-shift images

Come with an open and willing attitude to get the most out of this event. Registrants should own or have a rental tilt-shift lens on hand to get the most from this program. A laptop to process your images will also be helpful.


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