The Twelve Beers of Christmas – A Belgian Pairing

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Sharing one beer a day is getting a bit tough especially when the bottle is only 250 ml (one cup) in size! We wanted to taste Frülia strawberry Belgian Fruit beer but when we saw the small bottle we knew we needed one more Belgian beer to make our tasting complete. So… we grabbed a ‘larger’ 750ml bottle of La Chouffe an Ardenne strong beer. The Belgians have a unique style of beer unlike the ales and lagers of other beer-making countries like England and Germany: ‘lambic’ beers like the Früli ferment differently than other beers (spontaneous as opposed to top or bottom fermentation) which is kind of a cool fact if you are a ‘beer geek’. My relatives who live in Belgium call Früli “a ladies beer” so I figured I had better have Sam pose with that beer instead of me (those relatives are always ready to poke fun don’t you know). Sam took a photo of me with my two favorite things, chocolate and beer (my Belgian roots are showing; that should make my relatives proud!)

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Samantha Chrysanthou

Tasting Notes

Früli – This peachy-brown lambic beer has a ripened strawberry smell and is very fizzy on the tongue. The taste is not very beer-like at all, really. We thought it tasted like a fruit punch with a sweet, frizzy champagne feel in the mouth. Really, this is a great refreshing little drink even for guys. If you like fruit punch, you’ll like this beer. This beer is great to surprise guests with as a dessert just on its own or with the recommended black forest cake!

La Chouffe – this strong blond Belgian beer is golden and murky in the glass with a frothy head. But what got me was the nose. This beer smells like a road-killed skunk! I am not kidding, the pungent fragrance of squished skunk came full force from this beer. It was a bit off-putting, but fortunately the taste redeemed this beer: the fizzy, slightly sour character won us over after a couple of sips. Warning though: this beer packs a wollop both in terms of its size and alcohol content!

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  1. Jane Chesebrough
    December 31, 2012

    Kind of like that stinky cheese that smells like stale socks. Ugh.Who knows, maybe the two would go together. Happy New year you two and don’t fasten the sheets too tight when you retire for the night. 🙂

  2. Jan Beernaert
    December 31, 2012

    This is from 2013! A verry happy new year you two! I wish you all the best and above all a lots off fun in live.

    By the way, you shoud try Duvel. I think the best Belgian beer!!



  3. Ian Carroll
    January 1, 2013

    Once you go Belgian, you don’t go back (I’m talking beer here…can’t speak for anything else!). My fave Belgian is Kwak (don’t let the silly name put you off!). Also Trappiste Rochefort 8 (or 10 if you really want a cheap night out!). Bush is also strong but tasty.

    I plan to go to Belgium for Christmas next year (Brugge) and try them all on home soil…that will guarantee a merry Christmas! The photo opps should make the trip worth while in itself (assuming I can hold a camera!).

    Happy New Year Sam, Darwin, and Oopoomites one and all!

  4. Nicolas Dory
    January 11, 2013

    This one is one of the best ever!


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