That’s a Wrap! Looking Back After The Year’s Final Photo Workshop

In the last two weeks, we’ve wrapped up our final photo workshops of the season held at Aurum Lodge: Creative Landscape Photography with our guest instructor, Guy Tal, and the Fire & Ice photo tour. In a little while, we’ll be sharing participants’ images from these two educational events on the blog — and we’re stoked to showcase the talent and vision of their work! But for us, now is a good time to reflect back on a busy year and digest all that we’ve learned. One thing that stands out is just how much we appreciate visiting the Canadian Rockies to photograph, and how lucky we are to live near such an incredible region. Although October and November are often not considered ‘prime’ shooting months in Canada, we find endless inspiration when we head out to the mountains at this time of year.

Last light - ©Samantha Chrysanthou

Last light – ©Samantha Chrysanthou

Although the weather can be unpredictable, really that just adds to the excitement! Expect to be harried by a furious blizzard one day and warmed by winter-sun the very next.

An early winter blizzard. ©Samantha Chrysanthou

An early winter blizzard. ©Samantha Chrysanthou

Surprisingly, we don’t come here just for the mountains (lovely as they are). For me, the charm in this season lies in the subtleties. Muted lavenders, soft greys, sandy tans and silvery blues layer the landscape, pearlescent hues that reflect the low, liquid light of early winter and become snagged by the grasping branches of barren trees and dry grasses.

Nature has a wide palette...photographers should too. ©Samantha Chrysanthou

Nature has a wide palette…photographers should too. ©Samantha Chrysanthou

Crossing the meadow. ©Samantha Chrysanthou

Crossing the meadow. ©Samantha Chrysanthou

Because I love this time of year, I’m really looking forward to our new workshop, Beyond the Icon – Intimate Landscapes of the Canadian Rockies, October 21-26, 2014. We’ll be focusing on a style of photography that intrigues me: intimate landscapes may be more challenging to see as a photographer, but I think the rewards of finding them are great. It’s often in the quiet moments that we discover the most about our subject matter…and ourselves.

Beauty is in the details. ©Samantha Chrysanthou

Beauty is in the details. ©Samantha Chrysanthou

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  1. Guy Tal
    November 13, 2013

    Beautiful work, Sam. The images stand well on their own, but I also appreciate having a better context for the place and what it means to you. Hope you have a restful and productive winter.


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