Never Give Up

I think with shame that it has been more than two years since I first posted my Pressed Landscape project on this website.

©Samantha Chrysanthou

How could this happen? Am I not passionate enough about my project? Is it not worthy of my time and care? Should I just call it quits and get on with more meaningful things? These kinds of questions rumble through my caffeine-deprived brain when I get up to do my ‘work before work’, my photography job here at oopoomoo, before I truck off to my day job. When time and resources are scarce, you are forced to question what is worth your time. Why should a personal project with no expected monetary outcome (just expense) justify my attention?

Back when I was in school, my Mom gave me a cool present. It was a photocopy of a cartoon struggle. A long-necked bird with a pointy beak was in the process of swallowing a frog. The frog’s head was engulfed in the beak, it’s legs dangling. But damn it, that frog had reached its arms out and was trying to strangle that bird’s neck for all it was worth! The caption was: “Don’t ever give up!” And that little cartoon, which I coloured in and hung in my locker during tough school times, has stayed with me all these years.


So, perhaps we should spin this debate around. Darwin and I are photographers and educators. There’s that first part…photographers…. To be a photographer, one must photograph. In other words, there would be no oopoomoo without me and Darwin pursuing and nurturing our creative talents in ourselves just as we do for other photographers through our talks, eBooks, workshops and the oopoomoo Creatives Facebook group. It’s an imperative, not an option. So I must not give up but continue with this project which in truth means a lot to me. What photo projects dear to your own heart must you never give up on?

You’ll be reading and seeing more of Pressed Landscapes as I try once again to prioritize and get this baby off the ground. The good thing with procrastination is that sometimes you refine and improve an idea…more on that later. For now, I have to go to work!

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Photographing the incredible beauty of natural things, filming quirky videos, trying new foods with unpronounceable names, curling up with a good book, sharing ideas on how to live lighter on the Earth...these are a few of my favourite things!


  1. Allison George
    March 11, 2016

    Thanks for sharing Sam…NEVER GIVE UP

  2. Dave Benson
    March 11, 2016

    you can’t hurry art… and art is about passion not monetary return…

    you must seek out and capture the pressed landscape… you can’t order up one like you can a deluxe pizza… so delight in them as they arrive, sometimes in that serendipitous moment…

    so take the time… it can be a lifelong project…

    I have several projects on the go… and they simmer in the background like a fine sauce… and yes they can get better with time, but if they really start to lose their flavour, sometimes you just start a new batch…

  3. Michelle
    March 11, 2016

    Always do what’s best for you Samantha, but I am glad to hear that what’s best at the moment means that we will get to see more of your work and watch you see this project through. You go girl!!

  4. Laurie
    March 11, 2016

    I don’t know what many times I look back my 365 day project that I finished two years ago and think “I should do that I again, I love looking back on that work and seeing those memories”. So I start another one, only have it fizzle out after a month or two……

  5. Bonnie
    March 11, 2016

    Thank you for sharing- it was a great reminder. And its hard not to laugh at the never give up cartoon.


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