Filters Photography eBook

Essential and Advanced Filters for Creative Outdoor Photography

Think that camera filters are a thing of photography’s film past? Well, think again! Even with today’s sophisticated digital cameras and software, filters have a place in the outdoor photographer’s camera bag. Some filters, like ND grads, simply save time by capturing better tonal data in the field. These filters help photographers who shoot JPEG or who want to spend less time in post-processing. Other filters, like the polarizer, the blue/yellow polarizer and solid ND filters, return effects in-camera that can’t be replicated in software. Unlock the true creative power of filters by stacking several of these filters together at the same time for unique results impossible to recreate with software processing tricks. Learn the essential and advanced filters for creative outdoor photography from two photographers who use filters on almost every image they shoot!

Contents include:

  • why use filters with digital nature photography
  • the essential filters for outdoor photography
  • how a polarizer works and how to use a polarizer
  • why you should not use UV filters
  • 7 creative uses for a polarizer
  • dealing with uneven polarization
  • when not to use a polarizer
  • an introduction to ND grad filters
  • workflow for using grad filters
  • using depth of field preview and Live View for placing grads
  • hard-edge versus soft-edge grads
  • picking the right grad every time
  • when not to use grad filters
  • building a filter system
  • avoiding filter and holder vignette problems
  • how to use the Gold-N-Blue and Blue/Yellow Polarizers
  • correcting colour casts with the Gold-N-Blue and Blue/ Yellow Polarizers
  • the creative uses of solid ND filters
  • calculating exposures with solid ND filters
  • workflow for solid ND filters
  • advanced ND filters (the Big Stopper and the Vari-ND filters)
  • long exposure and noise reduction
  • getting creative with filter stacking (using more than one filter at a time)

Sample Pages:

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  • Filters Photography eBook

eBook Details:

  • Cost : $10.00
  • Author: Darwin Wiggett & Samantha Chrysanthou
  • Pages: 67
  • Images: 118
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: 13.6 MB

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