Camera Shutter Speed eBook

Photography Fundamentals : The Creative Use of Shutter Speed & Painting with Light

The two most powerful camera controls are aperture and shutter speed: no other controls affect the look of your photo in a positive way more than these two workhorses. But surprisingly few photographers really know how to maximize shutter speed to vary the look of a photo. All too often we habitually photograph a scene or object the same way which is boring for the photographer and boring for viewers. The Creative Use of Shutter Speed: Painting with Time eBook brings shutter speed out from the proverbial closet! Invigorate your photography by understanding the potential of motion in your imagery.

Contents include:

  • why shutter speed is important, and how it affects the look of your photo
  • simple definition of shutter speed
  • a prescriptive, step-by-step analysis of the three general categories of shutter speeds plus one!
  • approaching a scene…which shutter speed?
  • using flash to stop action
  • do you need a ‘fast’ lens?
  • pop-n-drag effects
  • how movement can be recorded by the camera, from hyper detail to painterly blur
  • the different categories of movement, and how to get results each time
  • panning with your subject tips and techniques
  • the magic of 1/30th to 1 second
  • troubleshooting exposure warnings
  • tips for avoiding hand-held motion blur
  • when and how to use ISO to get the shutter speed you want
  • using aperture priority mode for shutter speed effects
  • painting with time: beyond human vision – creating painterly wow effects!
  • using filters to achieve long shutter speeds (even on sunny days!)
  • calculating long exposures

Page Samples:

  • Camera Shutter Speed eBook
  • Camera Shutter Speed eBook
  • Camera Shutter Speed eBook
  • Camera Shutter Speed eBook
  • Camera Shutter Speed eBook

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  • Author: Darwin Wiggett & Samantha Chrysanthou
  • Pages: 58
  • Images: 81
  • File Type: PDF
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