In order to be able to say what we truly think about products, good or bad, we have decided not to have official sponsorship on the oopoomoo website. We are  not sponsored or influenced by any other company.

We may from time to time review various photography-related products and services on our own initiative, and our opinions will be our own and are not officially endorsed by any company. If a company wishes to send us, at their cost, a product for review, we may or may not choose to review such product. If we do review a product, it is on the understanding that the product will be returned to the sending company at its cost, or donated by oopoomoo to a local school, library or non-profit in the Cochrane, Alberta area.

Donation & Gifts Policy

Should a company wish to provide a donation or gift of product towards a specific, advertised oopoomoo function or event, we will endeavor to note such donation or gift in relation to the function or event. However, any donations or gifts are provided without guarantee of mention or contract for advertising by oopoomoo Inc. In any case, all donations and gifts will be awarded or given to a participant or participants registered for an oopoomoo event and not retained or used by oopoomoo. In the event that no participants accept such donation or gift, we will either return the donation or gift to the company at its cost or donate the product to a local school, library or non-profit in the Cochrane, Alberta area.

oopoomoo Inc. accepts no responsibility and makes no warranty as to safety, functionality or usage of any donated or gifted products.