8 April

Inspirations – Using Photography to Celebrate Strength, Beauty and Grace

So much of photography today seems selfish. We make photos for ourself, about our interests and share them on social media hoping everyone will like them. Me, me me and me some more. The good news is that as we evolve in photography we start looking for something more, some way to give back to others. Photography becomes so much more meaningful when we can help others. We wanted to share with you the inspiration of Bella Forza Photography started by our friend Lori Maloney. Read below what Lori has to say about why she started her own ‘photography that gives’ business.

Fall 1974 - Mom, Lisa & Me

Fall 1974 – Mom, Lisa & Me

Sometimes we need to take our time to contemplate, dream, and deliberate on things…sometimes we need to just take a leap of faith.  In March 2013, after nearly three years of conscious deliberation and many more years of subconscious pondering, I took that proverbial leap and launched Bella Forza Portraits.

We lost my mom to Breast Cancer in the fall of 1997.  Sadly we don’t have any portraits of her that truly showcase her beauty, her fortitude, or her courage; nor do we have any that she loved.  This experience is the foundation of my work with Bella Forza.  I believe I have something meaningful to offer: an empathy borne of first hand knowledge together with the ability to provide a tangible piece of evidence conveying the beauty that resides within.

Yousuf Karsh, an acclaimed portraitist whose work I greatly admire, said, “There is a brief moment when all there is in a (wo)man’s mind and soul and spirit is reflected through his eyes, hands, and attitude.  This is the moment to record.”  I am not comparing myself to the brilliant Karsh, simply communicating my desire to be just as good.  My clients will feel both my absolute commitment to creating a beautiful portrait of and for them and also my compassion for their journey.

It is important for me to say to you that this is not a ‘pet project’ wherein women who are vulnerable will need to ‘fit my aesthetic’; rather, this is ALL about my clients and THEIR journeys.  If a woman is newly diagnosed with, say, Cancer, she may wish to have a beautiful portrait before her treatments begin and she potentially loses her hair, her breasts, or whatever is necessary to preserve her life; perhaps a woman is mid treatment and is recognizing her inner strength and wishes to have a portrait conveying that part of her journey; maybe a woman has stood her ground against the beast, has won, and wishes to celebrate HOPE; or, maybe, a woman is facing the very real risk that her loved one will be taken too soon and she wants photos together with them…all of these women, and their loved ones, are welcome in my studio and each will be met with my open heart and my continually improving skills.

Jackie - ©Bella Forza Portraits

Jackie – ©Bella Forza Portraits