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2 September

Last Chance (for awhile) for oopoomoo Photography Workshops

Summer is flying by! In Alberta, there’s already a nip in the air — autumn is basically here! The brisk winds and unsettled skies always seem to indicate that change is in the air…and for us here at oopoomoo, we’ve decided to continue with the spirit of exploration that we’ve created by beginning our creative […]

31 August

The Chain Mail Chickens Return with a New Adventure from Trochu, Alberta

Any long time follower of the oopoomoo blog knows about our Chain Mail Chickens. Our four rubber chickens have traveled the world and been photographed on their adventures by many of our photographer friends. Three of our chickens; Stu Pott, Cluckin Chuck, and Peter Pecker made safe returns to our chicken coop back home in […]

28 August

Creative Results from Participants in Buicks, Badlands and Old Buildings

Samantha and I love to help people unleash their creative vision. We all have our own unique visual voice but sometimes we unwittingly tamp it down with barriers to seeing. In our workshops we try to point out these barriers and get people to release themselves to allow creativity to flow. We discuss the barriers […]