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22 July

Be part of our Sleeper Sundays Image Showcase

Most images we make are like flavours of the day. They are wonderful at the time, but soon we long for something new, fresh and tasty. And then there are those images that like fine wine taste better and better as they age. These images we call sleepers, or as Samantha like to say, “they pass […]

10 July

Photography is Like Parenting

I recently had the chance to go camping with family. Now, I have chosen not to have children, but I have lots of nieces and nephews so I can easily get my ‘kid fix’ when I need it. I’m always amazed by parents. It seems to me a tough job some days. Unlike photography, there’s […]

1 July

oopoomoo Celebrates Canada day and the Importance of Water

Happy Canada Day! Samantha and I have been lucky enough to travel to many different parts of the globe and every time we come home to Canada we realize how fortunate we are to live in this amazingly diverse country. We are blessed with stunning natural beauty and vast areas of wilderness. Our friends don’t believe […]