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21 August

Photographers – Artists in Denial?

I know a lot of photographers, most of them male and I see a common theme among them. They are artists in denial. Most of my friends became photographers through other professional careers like biologists, engineers, optometrists, surgeons, software developers, IT specialists, dentists, and police. If you think about these careers they are all precise, […]

14 August

Pressed Prairiescapes

In honour of the fact that the Badlands and Buicks photo workshop starts today (yay!), I’m posting a few prairie shots from my Pressed Landscapes project. Yes, this project is still underway!! I find shooting the prairie in this style is much more difficult because what makes the prairie so unique and lovely – its […]

8 August

Looking With Purpose

Landscape photography and travel are often married together. We can’t help but dream while running towards the setting sun in exotic places — looking for that magical moment that will become our pride and joy printed on paper. At best, this is an effort of hope and wishes based on visualization and expectations. Expectations that […]