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3 March

Our February Inspirations Winners

In our last newsletter, we asked you to share your inspiring images. This assignment obviously struck a chord since we received a boatload of submissions over on our oopoomoo Facebook page! Thanks to everyone for making our day brighter with your amazing images. It’s always difficult to select photos to share when there are so […]

25 February

Ten Myths About Nature Photographers – Part 2

Last week we delved into the first five myths about nature photographers; if you missed it just follow this link to read more. This week we uncover five more myths about nature photography and nature photographers. Myth 6: Nature Photographers Document Reality Most nature photographers think they are documentary photographers. After all they are just capturing […]

18 February

Ten Myths About Nature Photographers – Part 1

Myth 1: Serious Nature Photographers Shoot in Manual Mode Photography Instructor:  “What does the ‘M’ setting on your camera represent?” Student: “It stands for manual.” Photography Instructor: “Yes it does, but what ‘M’ really stands for is ‘Master'; once you learn to use manual mode you will be the master of the camera!” Oh puleeeeze! […]