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18 April

Inspirations – Fran Gallogly: Art Starts with Creative Vision

We are happy to feature the work of Fran Gallogly who has fine-tuned her creative vision with years of practice and shooting what she loves. The examples below really do show that creative vision starts in the camera and then can (and should be) carried through to the final processed image. Processing should enhance the […]

14 April

Clean the Clutter – The Longer the Wait, the Easier the Edit

Samantha and I have spoken many times about being ruthless in editing your work. Keep only the good stuff, toss the rest. Easier said than done though! Of course, the longer you wait to edit your images, the more likely you’ll be objective and really clean the clutter. I finally got around to editing and […]

8 April

Inspirations – Using Photography to Celebrate Strength, Beauty and Grace

So much of photography today seems selfish. We make photos for ourself, about our interests and share them on social media hoping everyone will like them. Me, me me and me some more. The good news is that as we evolve in photography we start looking for something more, some way to give back to […]

4 April

Fave Photos – Rusting Cars in the Prairie – The Power of Personal Interpretation

Anyone who was born and raised on the prairie knows that prairie summers are filled with hot sun, big sky and grass-rustling wind. I wanted to capture that feeling  in a photo but also show nature reclaiming itself from the assault of modern society. This photo taken on our annual Buicks, Badlands and Old Buildings: The […]