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29 September

Images from the Glory of Autumn Photo Workshop

We just wrapped up our Glory of Autumn photography workshop in the Canadian Rockies. We had a great group of photographers with diverse interests – watch the blog for a sampling of their photos from the workshop coming soon! Here are a few shots that Darwin and I made during the workshop. A little scouting […]

23 September

Spice up your Photos – Light Painting Made Easy!

Anyone who has seen light painted images is keen to try it themselves. I know the first time we saw images that used flashlights at dusk to sweep warm light over the subject we were intrigued. How is that done? In this article we’ll tell you how we do it. First a confession; we’re lazy!  […]

18 September

The Thirsty Photographer: Where do you turn to quench your creative thirst?

Lately, we’ve noticed photographers posting and writing about a need for more inspiration to fire up their photography. Do you suffer from the deadly blahs sometimes? Is everything around you dusty and dry to the senses? Do you long for a deep, cool drink of refreshing creativity? One of the reasons we have the Inspirations […]