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28 January

Behind the Scenes on the Creative Sabbatical

Attention locals! If you want to catch up with some of our adventures on our Creative Sabbatical so far, including a candid presentation about a personal project we’ve been working on during our sabbatical, we’ll be speaking at this event in Calgary, January 31. As many of you know, we are on Creative Sabbatical until […]

22 January

Good Photos in Bad Light: Remedies for the Blahs!

There is no such thing as bad light; just bad photographers! Anyone who has taken an oopoomoo workshop has probably heard us say the little mantra above. Whenever there is no sunrise or sunset or the clouds roll in, most photographers think the light is bad and therefore there is nothing worthwhile to photograph! Of […]

11 January

The Weekly Walk Photo Project

Many of us only do photography when we have something to take pictures of: a birthday party, a vacation, an iconic destination, a portrait, an owl in a tree etc. We take pictures of things… we rarely make images of our ‘feelings about things’. Our feelings are always trying to emerge in our photography but […]