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10 February

League Wins Best New Magazine Award

We are super proud of the League editorial and design team and all of you who supported League magazine with your subscriptions and donations, not only for your belief in the ideals of the magazine and the League of Landscape Photographers, but for making the magazine a reality. We just found out that we received […]

8 February

Conversation, Collaboration and Creativity for a Positive Change

Samantha and I believe that most nature photographers care deeply for and respect nature. Personally, we do photography because we love nature and we feel more connected with ourselves and the world when we are outdoors. Many of you feel the same way. We also believe that we can use photography for good; to start […]

29 January

Collaborate, Community and Care with Matt Payne

Lately, there seems to be a backlash in the photography community against the shallow, narcissistic, insta-famous, celebrity culture that social media can breed. Many photographers are moving away from superficial likes of social media to producing work that has layers and meaning. Outlets for this work range from print exhibitions, self-published hand-made books, niche magazines, […]

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